Thursday, 7 April 2011

Snow white

I originally bought this fabric to make a light veil to go with a dress I already had for a medieval fair. I had some left overs lying around for quite some time until I decided to use them to make a brooch to go with yet another dress. And then I fell in love! :) I really love the way this flower came out and had to make some more!

Celtic grimoire

A grimoire is a magic book, but this one can be anything you like: a diary, a cook book, an organizer or anything else.

Originally an ordinary A5 blank book, it was covered in paper and cardboard, which would otherwise end up in the recycle bin, imitating leather and metal. The weave is actually woven and I think I've made every possible mistake before getting it right and the way I wanted it! :)

Indians and cowboys

It's been a long time since I last drew anything, so it was about time to get my pencils, paints and brushes. It's usually when the weather begins to get better that I feel like painting, it's an artists' thing I guess! :))

Who hasn't played cowboys and indians as a kid? This is a small homage to those childhood games. Paintings measure 24cm x 18 cm (9,5in x 7in) and use the same colour schemes. They are two but made to be inseparable like childhood friends should be.