Thursday, 29 January 2009

Butterfly fairy

A classical fairy, fully painted in watercolour, plays with her butterfly friends.


Inspired by the TV show Supernatural, a birthday card digitally drawn and coloured.
I really was aiming at the "oh, so cute" look, don't know if I got it, hope so. :)

"Fruit candy" earrings

They remind me of fruit candies, what do you think?
Made from diverse materials: seed beads, glass and acrylic beads, crystals, quartz chips, etc.
In order: raspberry, blueberry, red plum and lime.

Purple's fashionable

Still experimenting with the metal rings. 1mm aluminium wire and acrylic beads, they're super light.

Chibi Vincent Valentine

You already know I love Final Fantasy and Vincent in particular, no need to repeat myself. :)
It seems like nowadays I only get any drawing finished, no matter how simple it is, if it's a gift for someone. This is a birthday card for a friend who shares my passion for the Final Fantasy world.
Drawn on paper, scanned and coloures in Photoshop.
2009 new year resolution: get back to drawing and painting again!

Neck warmer

A simple crocheted neck warmer. I fell in love with that yarn as soon as I saw it at the store! :) This was a birthday gift for a good friend. Looks maybe a bit too large for her neck, but I that's because she was in her night gown here! :))

Hand warmer

What do you do when you're stuck at home because of a bad ear infection? I decided to make these hand warmers in red (to go with the neck warmer) but there was no way I could make the yarn enough, that's how they ended up with this colour combination not much to my liking.

Elven necklace

Inspired by The Lord of Rings (don't ask exactly in what, but the idea came to mind when I was browsing through some drawings inspired by the books and movies), a very light necklace that flows like fabric. Made from a multitude (I've stopped counting) of 1mm aluminium rings, with 5mm internal diameter each, in european chain maille 4-in-1. Aluminium's not only extremely light but also imitates silver quite well, if it begins to tarnish you only have to put the necklace in a jar with a handful of rice and shake it until it's bright again.