Thursday, 7 April 2011

Snow white

I originally bought this fabric to make a light veil to go with a dress I already had for a medieval fair. I had some left overs lying around for quite some time until I decided to use them to make a brooch to go with yet another dress. And then I fell in love! :) I really love the way this flower came out and had to make some more!

Celtic grimoire

A grimoire is a magic book, but this one can be anything you like: a diary, a cook book, an organizer or anything else.

Originally an ordinary A5 blank book, it was covered in paper and cardboard, which would otherwise end up in the recycle bin, imitating leather and metal. The weave is actually woven and I think I've made every possible mistake before getting it right and the way I wanted it! :)

Indians and cowboys

It's been a long time since I last drew anything, so it was about time to get my pencils, paints and brushes. It's usually when the weather begins to get better that I feel like painting, it's an artists' thing I guess! :))

Who hasn't played cowboys and indians as a kid? This is a small homage to those childhood games. Paintings measure 24cm x 18 cm (9,5in x 7in) and use the same colour schemes. They are two but made to be inseparable like childhood friends should be.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Owl lamp

I love using old things to make new ones. I had those two old potato-masher discs in the attic and as soon as I saw them the idea of making this owl came to mind. The disks are, therefore, the eyes and the body is made from a can of pineapple covered with cardboard from a pizza box and painted to look like old rusted metal.

Friday, 28 May 2010

"Tágide" necklace

Finally finished! I think this is my most elaborate piece so far and I loved working on it. Lots of aluminium wire, crystals, beads, faux pearls, etc.
Tágides are the nymphs of the river Tagus, invoked by the great poet Luís de Camões in the epic "Lusíadas", he asks them to grant him eloquence so that he can write the poem. I think the blues are quite reminding of the river Tagus and the nymphs that live in it.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Wire crosses

I went to an artisans' fair this past weekend and my friend was quite excited about handmade crochet rosaries. Making rosaries wasn't something that had crossed my mind before but being me I had to try and since I'm having fun playing with wire, I came up with these crosses. As far as I know this is an original of mine. Once I have enough beads or crystals (it takes 59 of them!) I'll go for the full rosary.
Since I made them at night I was absolutely sure I was using a light blue crystal on the one on the right, turns out it's pale lilac! That's what I get for being a night owl!

Bridal gloves

I just love fingerless gloves!
These are made from fine cotton and would make a wonderful complement to a bride's gown. You can tie the ribbon with the flower where you prefer, near the wrist or above the elbow to keep them from falling down so easily.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Raspberry fingerless gloves

Some time ago I found an old shawl made from this unusual stitch and I just couldn't help but try to understand how it was done. It did take some 20mins before I got it right, but then I just had to make something with it. I've always loved this sort of gloves, so, instead of just one pair I made two! So, one pair's looking for a new home, contact me if you want to adopt it! :)

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Kanzashi the easy way

Keep in mind this is not the traditional way, but I think it's a lot more simple and a good way to start. I can't get the image to open in full size, so, if you're interested, download here.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Another necklace with medallion

Made by request and similar to a previous one. I'm really enjoying wrapping the glass medallions with the metal rings.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

More chainmaille bracelets

More chainmaille bracelets for men, E6-1 and E4-1.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Pirate ear-cuff

My ears aren't pierced, so, sometimes I saw earrings with which I fell in love with but couldn't wear. Of course, there are clip earrings but they often hurt or fall off easily and I never liked them much, until I discovered ear cuffs! As payback for all the earringless years, I decided to make a rather flashy one and the funny thing is, it really doesn't hurt or fall off in spite of its weight.

Hair barrettes

Inspired by the traditional Japanese art of fabric flower making, these barrettes are medium sized and ideal for the nearing Spring days.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

"Eire" set

I think the photos don't do this piece justice (especially in this small size, please click on the image for full view), the wire's so much shinier in person.
Materials used: jewellery grade copper (it won't tarnish), anodized green aluminium, swarovski crystals (colour peridot) and glass doughnuts.
This was inspired by Ireland, its green fields and copper swirls reminiscent of its Celtic tradition.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Byzantine weave necklace

My order of Swarovski crystals finally arrived and they're really so beautiful! Now, of course, I have a thousand ideas of what to do with them, time's never enough but we'll get there slowly! :)
It was the first time I tried using half-persian to encase the medallion and it was an head ache at first but finally I got it right and loved the result, I think it's a very discrete and elegant piece.

Chainmaille bracelet

Another chainmaille E4-1 bracelet. It's made from 1mm wire and counts about 300 rings. I hope the new owner likes it. :)

Friday, 29 January 2010

Old bejeweled box from Atlantis

Don't be fooled, this is neither old nor metallic! The metal parts (except for the lock and hinges) are all just painted cardboard!
Believe it or not, this took me almost two full working days to finish and that's not even counting the drying times. But I had lots of fun doing it and hope to do some more in this style.

Wall art

Toilet paper rolls, acrylics and glue! I loved the idea and the outcome, so I have lots of ideas for more projects, I just have to collect many more rolls!

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Butterfly fairy

A classical fairy, fully painted in watercolour, plays with her butterfly friends.


Inspired by the TV show Supernatural, a birthday card digitally drawn and coloured.
I really was aiming at the "oh, so cute" look, don't know if I got it, hope so. :)